Make Me A Wife - The Club
by The Love Doyenne


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It’s all happening at once and so fast, another guy asked me for my number yesterday, I’ve been on 2 dates already and the guy I am going out with tomorrow is super cute. I think I may need to slow down, what is happening? Plus, I said what you told me in lesson 3 and it worked he did exactly what you said he would do.
— Shermara, United Kingdom

If Queen Esther went through 10 months of training to become a wife of a high quality man, why shouldn't you?

Make Me A Wife -The Club is designed to help you become shockingly aware of whats been holding you back from your dream man.  You'll get immediate access to over 40-hours of a content-rich blueprint for preparing yourself to be the woman that an amazing man wants to forsake all others and be devoted to. Ultimately be proud to make you his wife

Get ready to recieve the support and guidance from the private online forum of other women becoming wife ready just like you.

Discover the BLISS Code for real love and attracting a healthy mate in your first six week course "Energize Your Confidence".  After completion of Energize Your Confidence you will ease into the Big Love Dating Bootcamp for four additional weeks of dating preparation.

Indulge yourself in our custom, monthly live Make Me A Wife Power Hour Classes to accelerate your growth in attracting and selecting the right mate as well as the accountability to stay the course of releasing improper dating and relationship habits.

You should know the women who enroll in The Club find immediate results in emotional, spiritual and in the quality and quantity of dating experiences.  

The devoted club members often find true love within 6 months and are married within a year.  

As a BONUS you get discounted savings and VIP upgrades for live events, products, retreats and private coaching & matchmaking services.

Get your journal, pen and a great beverage.
Press play and feel the power of a Make Me A Wife Lesson.

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This was an illuminating week for me. I’m using a dating app and your messages from the last lesson have really helped me. I have 3 dates lined up for this week and dating is no longer an unwanted chore. I now understand that I am a gift and a privilege to these men.
— Judith G. Los Angeles, CA
  • Heal Your Inner Criticism
  • Build Your Self-Love & Confidence
  • Create Irresistible Dating Habits  
  • Open Your Heart To Receive Love  
  • Strengthen Your Power to Attract & Find Good Men  
  • Own Your Sensuality   
  • Transform Life Unfulfillment & Stagnation    
  • Discover/Own/Rock Your Life Purpose

All of this for Only $27.00 a month

Private Love Advice, Dating Preparation
& Matchmaking Services